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If you are a seasoned tanner you will already know the importance of prepping the skin for your tan as well using the correct products to prolong and promote even fading.  If you are new to the treatment then we have put together the best tips and advice to get the best from your tan.


When you are first sprayed - the colour you see on your skin is the COLOUR GUIDE to show the therapist where she has sprayed you. As your tan develops over the next few hours your skin colour will appear to becoming darker - This is because your tan is developing underneath the colour guide - When you shower off after the development time - the colour you see coming off your skin is the colour guide - NOT YOUR TAN!

After your shower you will be left with a fabulous glowing tan.  

*After showering -Pat yourself dry - DON’T RUB - and because DHA the formula that turns your skin brown can at times be drying - it is imperative to moisturise daily. Make sure your moisturiser does not contain oil or the ingredient AHA (alphahydroxyacid) as this can strip your tan!


*Always exfoliate the night before concentrating on dryer areas such as elbows, knees and backs of ankles/heels.

If possible - start exfoliating 2-3 days before your tan.

*Make sure you exfoliator doesn’t contain any form of oil as this can cause a film or layer on the skin preventing your tan from taking.

*Make sure that all hair removal -  shaving/waxing is done 24 hours before as open pores will cause a dotting effect.

*Completely moisturise the whole body - concentrating on particular dry areas.

*Use a salon recommended  body polish for best results!


*On the day of your tan, try to wash and/or remove all body moisturiser, deodorant, perfume and make up.

*Wear loose dark clothing - nothing too tight that can cause friction marks on your newly sprayed tan.

* If you are wearing any underwear whilst being tanned ensure it is dark in colour and cotton (Tanning solution will wash out of most fabrics but Nylons, Lycra & Lace may stain - Plus Lace will leave a “pattern” on the skin). REMEMBER  - We will provide you with the necessary disposable underwear if needed.

*Long hair needs to be tied up and away from the face - We provide mob caps if needed.

* If you wear contact lenses please remove just before the tan.

*Use a salon recommended body wash for best results!


*Avoid water for at least a minimum of 2 hours after your tan & Do not take a bath or shower until your tan has completely developed. Your therapist will give you a development time as different tans vary.

*Avoid long hot baths - shower if possible

*Avoid swimming - the chlorine will strip your tan.

*Avoid exercising as sweating will decrease the life of your tan.

*When you have finished showering pat DON’T rub yourself dry

*Moisturise daily - DHA the ingredient that turns you brown can be drying to the skin, so moisturising will help put back the ph balance in your skin whilst prolonging your tan and promoting even fading.

*Use a salon recommended moisturiser for best results!